Product image of the Tranz4ma MIDI editor for Ableton Live. It shows thirty-six of the icons from the graphical user interface, in a six-by-six grid.


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Over 50 features. The comprehensive MIDI note editor for Ableton Live Suite. 

Tranz4ma 2 coming soon. Full Live 11 compatibility, three new major features and bug fixes. The update is free.

Version 1 is compatible with Live 11 but does not retain additional note data introduced in Live 11 such as MPE, probability and velocity deviation. Tranz4ma is a Max for Live device. Requirements: Ableton Live 10/11 Suite and a system which meets the recommendations by Ableton.

Next-Level MIDI Mastery


Save hundreds of hours


Easily create complex arrangements


Experiment, randomise and remix for instant inspiration


Enhance reality. Strum-like patterns in a myriad of ways. Independently alternate direction and velocity. Play legato or 'mute' strings. Before or on the beat.


Glide effortlessly between notes. White or black keys only? Easy. Or snap to your own scale.

Slice, Trill, Tremolo

Custom vibrations. On or off the grid. Staccato, legato, double strokes? Done.


Make your mark. Produce polymetric rhythm, pitch, mute and velocity patterns. Just like a trigger sequencer, except you get instant editable results.

Genetic Modification

Be the mad scientist. Conceive unforeseen creations. Insert rhythmic DNA into melodic cells or vice versa.


Discover new possibilities. Independently alter position, pitch, velocity and mute. Reorder octaves or reshape blocks of time. 


Get your glitch on, fast. Make random variations of stuttering goodness.


Give old ideas new energy. A powerful tool for producing fresh remixes. Snap, invert, transpose and randomise in scale.

And much more

Session batch processing

Grace notes

Velocity orchestration

Exponential rhythm

Clip slice and randomise

Keyboard scale mapping...